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Journale Intimate [entries|friends|calendar]

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[August 29, 2008 @ 12:04am]
[ mood | artistic ]

                   Being a wondering soul, I search frequently for things that satisfy my insatiable desire for knowledge about life. Its as if I need to learn more about what it is to live, I need to be able to relate and accomplish something within myself. This week for me was about seaching within myself truth and contentment. 
                Sharing your experiences is a great way to hack in more experiences because you learn from them as you relate. Sharing is absolutely connecting with that other, even if the connection is not amiable. Sometimes I find myself idle and unresponsive to others, but I try to stop myself before it becomes habitual. 
                      It was a good of me to invest in a little peice of biography about a certain young woman thrown into a turbulent life. This purchase was  actually made two years ago, me finish it the next, but I find myself wanting to revisit her life experiences. I couldn't force myself to read it, even when I tried, but it just came to me a couple of hours ago to really seek what I was looking for. Fliping the pages helped because at times I skipped pages I did not want to read. 
                           What amazes me is how life comes at you quickly, one day your down, and the next your on Cloud 9! 
         I read just a small chapter of this biography and I definately got what I needed. Something to relate and reviere about. Its facintating how life comes at you so fast, but what even more fascinating is what we do with it. The way a person can be so generous, sweet, so compassionate, and even have creativity is utterly inspiring. 
Inspiration with action 
                           I think are the clockworks that propell life. I'm even taken with the current Democratic National Convention. This mere days with speeches is enough to make people live differently, smarly with awareness. Some nights I find myself without rest, too cautious of what is happening around, but tonight, I know that I can sleep well with rest.... [continued]


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[August 28, 2008 @ 4:38pm]
[ mood | awake ]

                 In the matters of discipline, I am not. I plead guilty. Sometimes I'm such a loose cannon that I hurt those around me with my carelessness  .

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